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Timeless by Sam & Omar

Top 5 Photo Shoot Locations in Milton, Halton Hills

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So you’re in Milton, and you’re wondering;

“Are there any good photo shoot spots here?”

YES… it’s way more than just a great suburb. Beyond the quiet neighbourhoods you can find some beautiful parks. We’re familiar with Milton’s parks and we’ll share some of our favourite spots with you. Also,  we’ll discuss our special spot in Milton which we take couples for their engagement shoot. Check out the timeless pictures we’ve captured there and leave us a comment!

Here’s our top 5 locations you need to check out in Milton

5. Livingston Park

For those living in Milton, this park is no real secret. Aside from Kelso park, this maybe the most popular park. Why? Not only does it offer a quick and beautiful trail, the trees allow for the sun to really keep things well lit for nice photo effects… but it’s also very accessible! Right in the core of Milton. But that means it can get busy, therefore plan accordingly.

4. Hilton Falls Conservation

I’m sure you know of Kelso park, but just outside of that park is a large network of trails. Some trails are restricted to bikes but no worries, you get enough hiking trails to explore out of the total of 30 km! Our favourite trail is the Hilton Falls trail which is about 4 km long and leads you to a beautiful 10 metre waterfall. Believe me there are some beautiful shots waiting for you by the waterfalls. 

3. Rattlesnake Point

Here you get stunning attractions which include ancient cedars and a great lookout point which has been made very popular on Instagram! What’s special about this park is the different natural backdrops that you can find and the exposure you can get to more natural light as you make your way to the top! Although, like I said this place has been made popular on social media so don’t be surprised if you see a lot of people here on a sunny day.

2. Robert Edmondson Conservation Area

Here’s a great park to visit when you still want that rich and natural beauty that the above mentioned parks have to offer but don’t want a crowd. It’s a hidden gem that is a treat to explore. It’s an open area, with some wildlife, picnic spots and breathtaking trees that tower over you. 


Don’t hate us… But the last spot is our own little secret.


Check these photos out though 

We wanted to keep this park to ourselves… It’s a hidden gem and our go to spot for photo shoots.
Why? It’s a quiet spot, the scenery is stunning and the sun always seems to cooperate with us, the photographers. The old trees, the roots that come out of the ground  and the caves! It’s stunning… and that’s why we don’t want to give it away. However for our future couples, this spot should definitely be an option for your engagement shoot! Just book with us :D.