Wedding Photos taken at Mint Studios in Toronto. Wedding Photographers
Winter engagement Photoshoot in Milton Ontario in the snow.

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Autumn Engagement photoshoot in Milton. Livingston Park shoot by wedding photographers

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Sora and Bassem,

Let's see their experience.

Winter engagement Photoshoot in Milton Ontario in the snow.

What I loved about this couple is their positive attitude. If things weren't going as planned, that was okay - they made the best of their situation and things always turned out great. So our journey started with an engagement shoot - in a snowstorm! But when you’re thinking ‘snowstorm’, don’t think about a messy 401… no think more along the lines of a magical snow globe with photographers inside it. We did their engagement shoot at our favourite park in Milton which was perfect for this snowstorm. Fresh snowfall, lots of trees, a cave to explore and it was practically EMPTY. With these two - the pictures turned out great and they were able to handle the freezing temperature like pros. They loved the pictures so much they secured us for their wedding. :D

BUT, next thing you know… COVID hits. Great. But this couple didn’t let that dampen their spirits and their wedding was still on with a few minor changes. On their Wedding day, we started with getting ready shots for the bride and the groom both in their homes and at the hair salon. Between the getting ready shots and the venue we planned to do a small photoshoot at the park. Then YET another curve ball - clouds showed up and the forecast called for rain! So what did we do? Quickly got on a call with Mint Studios in Toronto and booked a room for an hour shoot for our couple. Crisis averted. The Bride and Groom were so cool - it didn’t even feel like a last minute change. No stress, no sweat stains - smooth sailing ahead.

Wedding Photos taken at Mint Studios in Toronto. Wedding Photographers
Egyptian Iraqi Wedding in the GTA. Wedding Photographers during a Zaffe.

They held their wedding at Château Le Jardin in Woodbridge - which accommodated the already reduced number of guests through a mixture of outdoor and indoor seating. Château Le Jardin is always stunning and the wedding went along perfectly - there were moments throughout the wedding where people even forgot about COVID... It was beautiful. The wedding album turned out beautiful in part due to the fun vibes, the Egyptian performance and the great vibes (and of course some pretttty good wedding photographers).