Planning in a Pandemic

May 10, 2020
Timeless by Sam & Omar

Wedding Planning in a Pandemic

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Planning in a Pandemic

No matter what your profession is, the Covid-19 pandemic has likely imposed some unwanted changes to your life. Flight attendants, accountants, and engineers  – everyone has faced major changes, some more drastic than others. Maintaining a social life requires more video calls, grocery shopping requires a mask and gloves and going outside requires you to have a general understanding of what a 6 ft distance looks like without carrying around measuring tape. Tricky stuff.

But what can be trickier than planning a wedding during this time?

Wedding planning has always been a tough project for couples…but then you introduce a virus and a global shut down which may or may not end in time for your wedding… then you got a real complex project on your hands. So how are couples planning their weddings during the pandemic? Well… we spoke to some couples and they’ve shared some insights into how their plans have changed.

Sora & Bassem

Meet Sora and Basem! A beautiful couple full of incredible energy and great jokes. This couple reached out to us for their engagement photos and the pleasure was all ours, because it was a stunning winter photoshoot during a snowfall in early 2020. This couple booked us to cover their wedding which was scheduled to be on …(drumroll)… March 29. Just over 2 weeks after Covid-19 was declared a pandemic. Everything was set, of course. The venue, the decorations, the makeup artist – they’re planning was as good as it could get but who could plan for this. Of course they had to put everything on hold. A decision that weighed heavy but was undoubtedly necessary, especially since they were looking forward to having their families from overseas join them on their wedding.
So what’s next for this couple? They’ll be rescheduling… but that date hasn’t been set. They opted to hold off on further planning until the professionals Canadians are allowed to host gatherings of more than 10 people.

Ahmed & Layba

These two share a special chemistry with each other which is particularly unique to them. We were particularly excited about this wedding! Aside from really enjoying their presence, we were looking forward to shooting at one of our favourite venues – Old Mill. They worked hard to secure a date that worked for everyone, in a location suitable for everyone…and a beautiful venue that blew everyone away.
But lo and behold – who decided to show up unannounced?


What does this mean for their plans? – you may be asking.

Well the date that they initially booked for the venue had to be scrapped, the venue agreed to allow them to reschedule to a future date, so long as the date they have in mind is available. Although nobody knows when this will be over… as of now they’re holding off on picking a second date… which may limit their options in the future – but I don’t blame them. Because what’s worse than rescheduling your wedding once? Rescheduling it twice.