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Wedding at FireRock Golf Club in Komoka, ON

Our experience at the FireRock Golf Club in Komoka, ON

FireRock Golf Club in Komoka, ON is the perfect venue for a beautiful wedding. From its lush green landscapes to its outdoor ceremony placement that creates the perfect backlight for the couple, there’s no better place to capture your special day. And if you’re looking for something extra special, why not consider having your wedding photography done on the golf course? With its rolling hills and wide-open spaces, FireRock Golf Club offers an unparalleled backdrop that will make your wedding photos stand out from all others. In this blog post we will explore some tips and ideas for getting great shots at this stunning venue!



Which time of the day should you be taking photos?

Let your Photographer get familiar with the golf course

Next, identify the best time of day to take your photos depending on the season and weather. Sunsets usually offer up beautiful colors that can create a stunning backdrop for your photos. Alternatively, overcast days can provide softer light which is great for capturing detail. Keep in mind if you're taking photos with your bridal party AND couples photos, it's best to reserve the golden-hour sunset for you and your loved one. The warm colours of the sunset in the open fields are a must at this golf course.

First, you’ll want to make sure that your photographer is familiar with the terrain and all of its features. Get them out for a practice run before the wedding so they can scout out potential locations for great photos! Make sure to also discuss what type of shots will be taken in advance; whether it is posed or candid, portrait or landscape, or anything else in between.

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By following these tips and incorporating creative ideas into your wedding photos, you’re sure to capture beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. So consider having your wedding at FireRock Golf Club – the perfect venue for stunning wedding photography!

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