Sorry Covid, but we’re getting married!

January 24, 2021

Micro Weddings On The Rise

Something we’ve learned in Covid is that as bad as things can get, life still goes on. Through dating apps and mutual friends, people are still meeting. People are still buying homes, having babies. And yes of course, couples are still getting married. Micro Weddings are more popular than ever. But don’t think that since it’s happening we’re cutting corners and forgot about the rules. We haven’t gone rogue, we always make sure to stay aligned with the restrictions and keep our masks on. Covid ain’t no joke.

The Covid restrictions are obviously less than ideal. At first, many couples were considering holding off on their wedding plans until the pandemic died down… then at some point that all began to change. Couples preparing their wedding thought, ‘this could go on for another few months or another whole year… or longer. So why wait? Let’s still have our wedding!’ Next thing you know – couples started looking into what a micro wedding looks like.

Their Wedding

That’s kind of what happened with Sophie and Salman. They held their wedding in a downtown Toronto condo. This condo wedding consisted of us, an Officiant and a laptop hosting a video call with countless family members both inside and outside the country. It’s not what typically comes to mind when you imagine someone getting married, but the couple and the family on the call set the tone and actually made it enjoyable. 

Covid Wedding in Downtown Toronto. Micro Wedding in a Condo with Wedding Photographers Timeless Captures
Newly wed, Sophie and Salman, showing off their rings to family and friends on a video call.

Our Mini Photoshoot Afterwards

What came after was incredibly fun. We had a couples photoshoot to seal the wedding, and being in Downtown Toronto definitely helped. Toronto has countless locations that are perfect for a photoshoot. Since we were near City Place – we agreed to head down to the lake because there are some perfect spots for a couples photoshoot there. 

We were hoping our photoshoot had some snow, but we only got the tail end of that day’s snowfall. Snowfall or not, the stars of the photoshoot were Sophie and Salman – We even mentioned to them that we thought they were naturals and must have done a couples photoshoot before. They were able to completely be themselves, relaxed and actually enjoy themselves in the moment. Click here to read on our top photoshoot tips. 

See below for what they had to say about their experience with us. If you’re planning a micro wedding in the GTA, let us know we’d love to be your photographers.

Micro Wedding Photoshoot on lakeshore in Toronto Ontario.
Sophie and Salman Post Wedding Photoshoot Downtown
Covid Masks at a micro wedding in Toronto Ontario by Wedding Photographers Timeless Captures


THANK YOU so much for these amazing photos of our wedding!! I would have never imagined they could turn out this beautiful, in our tiny condo and in rainy gray winter weather. Absolutely amazing. Plus we had a lot of fun with you guys! So happy we picked you!.

Sophie & Salman