South Asian Wedding at Verdi Convention Centre

July 13, 2020

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Wedding Photography south asian henna tattoo

Let’s take you through a Wedding - that in my opinion, perfectly integrated elements from the South Asian tradition. Allowing for a perfect fusion that fit perfectly in this venue.

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Photograph of a South Asian couple in their Wedding in Mississauga





Photograph of Decorations at a South Asian Wedding in Mississauga

About This Wedding

Wedding Photograph of South Asian Couple in Mississauga

A beautifully decorated Wedding, exceptional food and the space you get at the Verdi Convention Centre is really impressive. Their website boasts that their reception area is able to hold 1000 guests… I wasn’t counting the number of seats when I was there but I believe it. You’re able to host all the family and friends that you can think of. Even those families that you KINDA know… yeah the ones that invited your parents to their sons wedding 6 years ago, so now it’s rude if you don’t invite them too.

As wedding photographers, we appreciate a well planned wedding that shows off traditional elements. In this case it was a Canadian-Pakistani wedding filled with beautiful decor, henna tattoos, South Asian clothes and INCREDIBLE Food. This fusion of traditions is exciting for us since it allows for beautiful wedding photos. The rich colours, the unique dresses, tattoos and jewelry… all these things add flavour to the pictures and make it an overall experience for us.

“These guys love what they do, and the passion shows through the photos they capture. We had so much fun shooting. I remember them in their winter gear doing the shoot in the cold, and trying to capture in the little window of light we had before our reception. They really care!! Such a hardworking, kind, and passionate team. Highly recommend” - A