Coffee, What It Means To Me

April 28, 2020

More than a hot beverage…

It’s the perfect place to find the
photographers meant for your wedding… Lol yes it is.

I am a Coffee lover through and through… From picking up a bag of Coffee beans to the eroma that fills the room while grinding the beans down, to excitement of serving a fresh brew. 

Ahhh yes, perfecto.

While I do enjoy a cup of Coffee in every context, whether I’m grabbing some for a long drive or bringing some Coffee and Timbits for my family, what I treasure the most about Coffee is its ability to serve as a bridge to connect two people. 

First dates? Business Meetings? Mending old friendships?
Or meeting your wedding photographer!

I could go on and on about why I love Coffee dates, but the undeniable benefit of it is that when two people sit with each other and enjoy a cup of Coffee, they end up leaving that meeting with a better understanding of each other. Sitting across from someone suddenly becomes the perfect opportunity to exchange ideas, discuss goals and map out plans. It’s for these reasons that I love meeting clients over some Coffee. Human nature connects us in many ways, love, happiness and laughter transcend culture, although each couple adds their own unique touch. And we love getting to know you and understanding your chemistry that makes your love special!

Whether you’re planning a wedding, engagement shoot or a surprise proposal – there’s a real benefit in meeting your photographer… over some Coffee.

At this point you may be asking yourself… ‘Well, whats YOUR favourite coffee shops?’
Well, here they are: