How Photography Highlights Our Humanity

May 6, 2020

Have you felt this special kind of joy?…

It’s like a mixture of surprise and intrigue and it usually comes after experiencing something from another culture that is VERY similar to your own…Or when you notice that the same relationships you once considered unique in your family also exists in another family.

There’s a real joy in discovering these bridges that connect us all, although it can be a real challenge to realize and build on these connections. Many of us spend much of our lives maintaining a safe distance from one another, cautious of who we let into our intimate circles, we become very guarded. We develop into islands, and because of that it becomes hard to relate with others.  It’s not surprising that many people don’t experience the extent to which we are all tied together by our humanity.

The great thing with this profession is that we get front row seats into some of the most special occasions in your life. We get a view, unhindered from any obstruction or guards. From proposals and weddings to baptisms. Through these occasions, we get the privilege of seeing you and your loved ones showing genuine and unfiltered emotions. From the look of nervousness during your first dance to the look on your family’s face during a gender reveal or the pure joy you show during a proposal. These genuine moments offer a window into unfettered emotions, the type which transcend language, class and culture.

The beauty of professional photography is that through it, we the photographers are constantly reminded of how similar we all are. We get to see and feel your emotions as you feel them, we get to share in your excitement, nervousness and even awkwardness… and we love it because it connects us.  Every day that we photograph someone’s special moment, we either discover new bridges or reinforce the existing connections that tie us together… and we revisit that feeling of joy each time.