BTRMLK Food Photography in London Ontario moody dark Image of a fried chicken sandwich

Our Experience at BTRMLK

Food photography is an art form. It’s about capturing the essence of a dish in a single image. Done well, it can make you feel like you’re right there at the table, enjoying that delicious meal.

But food photography is more than just taking pretty pictures. It’s also about telling a story. And when it comes to how we got involved with BTRMLK, there are plenty of stories to tell.

BTRMLK is this burger joint about 40 minutes from me over in London Ontario that actually opened during the height of covid. How did I learn about them? Well, we were the photographers for the owners of the restaurant’s wedding. When we met them, they told us about their idea to open up a fried chicken restaurant. Ah entrepreneurs, every city needs them. And good news is, Sam and I are huge fans of a good fried chicken sandwich so we were excited to support their business when it opened.

Deluxe Fries

Honey Poppers

Buffalo Fries

Mac & Cheese