Photographers – What To Look For?

May 3, 2020


Today, everyone who holds a camera is trying to sell a photography service. The reality is that photography isn’t a commodity, and the cheap wedding photographer charging $800 is not the same as the wedding photographer charging you $5,000. Rather than falling into the trap of comparing photographers based on price, I’m going to give you a rubric to help you narrow down your list and lock in the wedding photographer you absolutely need.

The “About” Page

It’s important you know the photographers you’re considering. They’ve spent time crafting their “about” page, so it’s worth a visit. You can find that the photographer describes their personality, their style, what style of weddings they enjoy shooting, and what their ideal client looks like. If your wedding is a traditional wedding with a religious marriage and they describe their ideal wedding as one that breaks with tradition, then they’re probably not a fit.

The Consultation

Ask yourself what kind of experience did you have booking the consultation, attending the consultation, and then departing from one. This is a sure sign of the type of experience or the level of service you’ll receive during your wedding, and after your wedding when the photos are delivered.

The Busy Photographer

A busy photographer could look appealing. They’re busy, so they must be good. Not necessarily. Busy photographers could be cheap photographers, and when time is a limited resource, service and quality take a huge hit. Don’t take their word for it when they try to reassure you.

Good photographers could be less busy simply because they can afford to take on only one wedding a month. They charge adequately. They come to your wedding relaxed, happy, and full of ideas to make sure you have the best experience, and they capture their best work. These photographers also have a unique editing style. Make sure you find the one with a style you absolutely love.

Editing Style

There are two types of photographers and depending on their business model, they employ a different approach to editing.

First, the class of photographers that I highly discourage you use are known as “shooting-to-deliver” photographers. They make very slight adjustments in the editing process such as exposure, contrast, and white balance. These photographers usually treat their service as a commodity, charge a very low price, and shoot an exorbitant amount of weddings. These are also often the “busy” photographers.

Second, the class of photographers that I enjoy following on Instagram and Pinterest are the photographers that have developed a unique style. It could be their shooting style, or their editing style. These photographers ensure that each photo blows you away. They’ve developed a finish to your photo that keeps it timeless, special, and aesthetically appealing. My personal favorites are Chris and Ruth, and Emre Cazoglu.

Photo & Video Packages

Not every photographer is going to have a video partnership in place. While there are advantages to having one-throat-to-choke and it’s a lot easier to manage, there is a draw back. The photographer you really liked, you passed on. Or, the videographer you really liked, you passed on. Go with the vendor whose work, personality, and service impress you.


Remember, the photographer you choose is giving you the only thing you’re going to have left from your wedding — your photos. Make sure you make the right decision, because **fingers-crossed**, there is no “next-time”.

Sam & Omar