Toronto Photoshoot Location: Puente de Luz

November 13, 2021

Puente De Luz

Add this Instagrammable Photoshoot Location to your list!

If you live in the GTA and you have Instagram, then I’m sure you know of some great photoshoot locations. I'm sure you already saw most of them on your feed. There are some known spots near the lake, Yorkville, Graffiti Alley and distillery district to name a few.

With all the construction happening in Toronto, it’s hard to keep track of new developments. Many of them are architectural gems! One of those cool developments that slipped under the radar is the Puente de Luz bridge. Although it’s not that new, most people don’t know much about it. Not only is Puente de Luz a beautiful pedestrian bridge, it’s also the largest public art installation in Canada. The artist behind the bridge, Francisco Gazitua, named the bridge “Puente de Luz” which means “Bridge of Light”. Francisco Gazitua, who has designed a number of art installations in both Chile and Canada, created this bridge to symbolize the connection between North and South - Chile and Canada.

This charming bridge is great for photos. It’s symmetry and bold yellow colours makes it very instagrammable. So whether you’re considering a photoshoot with your significant other or want some cool Instagram content in Toronto, then this could be great for you. Here’s what's great about this location and what’s not so great about it.

The Pros and Cons:
Things to Consider.



  • It offers depth, which is great for photos.
  • The bold colour of the bridge really pops in photos.
  • It’s great for airy photos and you can even get the CN tower in the background.
  • The bridge symbolizes a connection! (cute?...no? whatever).
  • Cons:


  • Be mindful of the time you go, the bridge can get busy.
  • There isn’t much shade from the sun so either pick a day with some clouds or choose the time that you go wisely.
  • Make sure to avoid any graffiti on the bridge, sad I know.