Backyard Wedding in Waterloo!

November 13, 2021
Backyard Wedding in Waterloo On Bride and Groom

Waterloo Wedding

Backyard Wedding in Waterloo!

Say what you will about Covid, but it really set the tone right for backyard weddings. While weddings in a traditional venue are a tonne of fun and offer some great pictures, there’s something about backyard weddings that can’t be beat.

One of the biggest benefits of a backyard wedding is that the schedule/itinerary is much more manageable which means the bride is more at ease. In fact that sums it up. The Bride's energy is more at peace, she’s more present and more familiar with everything and everyone around her. She’s playing on her own turd, and home court advantage is definitely a thing! A happy bride makes for great pictures. No need to constantly check the time, check for traffic, or check for other parties to show up.

And in this beautiful backyard wedding in Waterloo the biggest benefit for me is that I was able to really connect with the family and enjoy the gathering. In fact, I was able to chat with the family as if I was a distant cousin... with a good camera.

Things to Consider When Considering a Backyard Wedding

Truth be told, there’s quite a bit that you forgo when you choose not to have a wedding in a venue… but there’s also some great pros to backyard weddings.

Here’s the top 5 benefits to a backyard wedding:

  • Gives you a reason to keep it small
  • WAAAY more intimate
  • Avoid the stress and hassle around planning
  • Save some money
  • You’re close to everything you need
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