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After moving from the GTA to London, we made our way to a wedding show (back when wedding shows were a thing) to advertise our work to couples in London and got some great reception. One of the couples we met were Shady and Monia. We loved the chemistry they had between each other and we seemed to get along fine. What did they like about our style? When looking for a wedding photographer, what stood out were our candid photos! They were REAL and showed genuine emotion.

Engagement Photoshoot in London

Engagement Shoot

Undisclosed Location - London, ON

Aside from the surprise of the pandemic… things went pretty smoothly. They got the complete photo-video, so we got to know each other pretty well. Their engagement photos were in the summer and being new to London, I did a lot of research into the different photoshoot locations and fell in love with this location which we may not want to reveal... (competitive advantage right?)

Matching outfits always look great and this couple did just that. This spot turned out amazing and I’ve heard from many people that it was the perfect choice in London for this engagement shoot in London.

Wedding (1 of 2)

Wedding Photographers in London Golf Club

The wedding was held at the Forest City National Golf Club. And like every other wedding venue, Covid rules were in effect. Luckily the wedding was held outdoors, and because of that the Golf Club was able to accommodate a fairly decent number of people. Despite this, the couple had a lot of family and friends they didn’t want to leave off their guest list so they ended up having two cohorts of guests. Which ended up feeling like two weddings in one day. Good thing they’re package got us for the whole day.

Western University Campus Wedding Photo

Back On Campus <3

Western University - London, ON

In between these two cohorts there was about a two hour window of time. In this time we planned to head out to the university, and downtown London for some more intimate photos without everyone around. We started off at the Western University, where we had one of the buildings booked. This place held some sentimental significance for the couple which made it that much more special. The building was old and rich with stained glass windows facing the sunset, allowing for the sun to light up the room perfectly.







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