5 tips to make your engagement photos look great!

January 2, 2021

Painting you a picture of an engagement photo session

You’re reading this because you probably want to make sure your engagement photos come out looking great. Every couple wants that, so we wrote 5 tips for you to keep in mind, and follow. But first, we want to tell you about Mays and Ehab.

Mays and Ehab showed up to the park looking the part. We took them to Limehouse Conservation Area in Halton Hills for their engagement shoot. Their chemistry, comfort, and natural moves completely surprised us. Their engagement photos came out great!

They busted out their salsa moves, jumped over logs, did the salsa dance, and sang and carried each other around. Naturally, Ehab would put his arm around Mays and pull her in for a warm gentle press. See their gallery here.

To make your engagement shoot look fun, feel fun, and ACTUALLY fun, make sure you following these 5 tips to make your engagement photos awesome:

  1. Come prepared with cute moves that you and your partner coordinate. 

Yes, a photographer’s job is to pose you, prompt you, and guide you along the way, but no one can add that touch that’s YOU except YOU. Do you and your partner have silly dance moves? Funny faces? An inside joke that makes you both laugh? Use that card to your advantage. They’re your photos after all. 

  1. Wear comfortable clothes with ROOM to move. 

Unless you want a bunch of posed photos, dress in clothing that gives you space to move comfortably: jumping, running, dancing, straddling, swinging — you get the point. Also, shoes? If you want some shots in heels, that’s nice, but make sure you bring another pair with you that’s easier to move in. The only way you’ll get fun, candid looking photos with movement and serendipity is if you’re comfortable. 

  1. Don’t be afraid to get dirty or wet.

Normally, photographers won’t ask you to get wet and dirty at the beginning of your shoot. We usually defer that till the end. These photos are the ones that will make you smile the most when you’re looking at them without you even realizing it. It doesn’t hurt to come with a fancier second outfit.

  1. When the photographer prompts you, don’t take yourself too seriously.

Listen, no one likes stiff people. When the photographer sends a weird, or quirky prompt your way, laugh at it. Don’t take this so seriously. It’s all lighthearted fun that’s meant to get you going, loosen you up, make you laugh, and get you out of your comfort zone. So, don’t come with the mentality that you’re serious and want to look like a model. Of course we want to make you look good, but we also want to make you and your partner look happy while creating a good time. 

  1. Be expressive. It’s your engagement photos.

One thing that irks me is when couples don’t know how to express themselves to each other. If you want your photos to showcase your love, affection, and the general sentiment of your relationship, practice expressing those thoughts and feelings to one another before your shoot. You should be doing this either way — you’re getting married!!!!! So when the photographer has you facing each other, don’t look awkward, look vulnerable. Be with each other — look and feel and touch. Fall into each other’s arms. Be expressive. 

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